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30 Dec

Walk, Climb and Marvel at Tower Bridge


For 120 years Tower Bridge has been helping to taxi people from Tower Hamlets to Lewisham and beyond. Besides being a permanent fixture on the London Skyline, the Bridge also has plenty to do for tourists looking see the historic marvel upclose, and learn about its history on a London Guided Tour!  

Tower Bridge is still a working bridge for commuters, but tourists are invited to walk along the bridge in a designated path and experience the view first hand. Bear in mind that bridge is crossed by over 40,000 people a day, so you may want to prepare for casual traffic and congestion.

While on the bridge, patrons can climb one of the famous towers overlooking the Thames and experience an incredible and vast view of the city. Luckily, since it’s opening in 1894, Tower Bridge has had a number of additions including an elevator so one does not have to walk up it’s 64 Meter frame.

Another addition visitors may find intriguing is the Tower Bridge Exhibition, which has been open and helping to educate the public since 1982. Located beyond a beautiful glass walkway near The Towers, the exhibition is home to the Victorian engine rooms, engineering artifact, and a series of interactive films and displays to explain why and how Tower Bridge was built. Visitors are also able to view the original steam engines that once powered the draw bridge over one hundred years ago.

Finally, if you manage to plan your trip to Tower Bridge accordingly, you will be able to see the bridge open up to allow for the passing of large ships along the rover. While ships do not pass everyday,  Tower Bridge does have an official website section that updates the time and name of the vessel that is next to pass through the bridge. This event truly sums up the engineering marvel that Tower Bridge was when it was built, and continues to be today!

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