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01 Jul

The Best London Zoos

Fancy seeing some wildlife? London Top Sights has compiled a list of the best London Zoos. More than just menageries, these zoos aim to promote the conservation of the animals they work with, and many of them raise funds for projects which they say can help repopulate species in their natural habitats.From pygmy hippos to Sumatran tigers, there are some beautiful creatures in and around London beyond the pigeons in Trafalgar Square. Whether you’re entertaining kids or looking to learn about nature, you should plan a trip to one of these zoos in and around London, and take a walk on the wild side.


ZSL London Zoo

Regent’s Park

In 2026 ZSL will be 200 years old, marking two centuries of discovery, pioneering, inspiring and delighting through science, conservation and our two Zoos. However, the challenges facing wildlife are increasing: the rate of extinction is accelerating through habitat loss, disease, the illegal wildlife trade, pollution and other human effects. ZSL needs to act now to address these challenges. 

They have developed a strategy – ZSL 200 – to help  better tackle the issues facing wildlife today and adapt to those around the corner. It will focus our efforts and operations, with science informing work in the field and using the Zoos as a focus to drive engagement.

Anything else I should know? Some buildings are listed and therefore not accessible, but most of the zoo is wheelchair-accessible, including Land of the Lions and Tiger Territory. Check out the website for more info.

Prices Adults: £29.25 advance, £32.50 on the door; children aged 3-15: £19.01 advance, £21.12 on the door; child aged 2 and under: free; over 65: £26.32 advance, £29.95 on the door


Battersea Park Children’s Zoo

Battersea is passionate about conservation and education here at Battersea Park Children’s Zoo. In association with their sister parks the New Forest Wildlife Park in Hampshire and the Chestnut Centre in Derbyshire, they contribute to many conservation programmes. At Battersea Park Children’s Zoo they have two species that are part of the European Endangered Species Programme (EEP). This is an organization dedicated to protecting and conserving the plants and animals who share our planet, but which may be at risk. These species are the black-capped squirrel monkey (Saimiri boliviensis boliviensis) and the Emperor tamarin monkey (Saguinus imperator subgrisescens).

The Zoo regularly hold workshops in conjunction with the People’s Trust for Endangered Species (PTES) to ensure that our young visitors have the opportunity to learn about our British wildlife, including hedgehogs, stag beetles, harvest mice and bats. Throughout the year we hold fundraising days to support Proyecto Titi, a programme to help cotton-top tamarins in Colombia. they are also involved in raising awareness for the Scottish Wildcat throughout our three centres to help save this species from 

Anything else I should know? The meerkats tuck into their lunch at 11.15am daily, and the coatis get fed at 2pm. Arrive on the dot to watch them get stuck in.

Prices Adults: £9.95; child aged 2-15: £7.95; child aged 2 and under: free; over 60s: £8.95


ZSL Whipsnade Zoo

formerly known as Whipsnade Wild Animal Park, is a zoo and safari park located at Whipsnade, near Dunstable in Bedfordshire, England. It is one of two zoos (the other being ZSL London Zoo in Regent’s Park, London) that are owned by the Zoological Society of London (ZSL), a charity devoted to the worldwide conservation of animals and their habitats.

Anything else I should know? This is a big ol’ zoo – 600 acres to be precise – and you can take your car inside to drive around it. This costs an extra £25 from February 16 to October 31. Alternatively, free external parking is available opposite the entrance.

Prices Adults: £27 advance, £30 on the door; children aged 3-15: £17.55 advance, £19.50 on the door; children aged 2 and under: free; over 65: £24.30 advance, £27 on the door

Get there One hour 20 minute drive from central London


Marwell Zoo

Located near Winchester, Marwell Zoo is a member of Hampshire’s top attractions and is one of the best things to do in Hampshire. Our 140-acre wildlife park is home to hundreds of animals from endangered Amur tigers, snow leopards and white rhinos to giraffes, hippos and penguins – you’re in for a wild time!

Anything else I should know? Paying guests with accessibility needs can bring a carer with them for free – you’ll just need to bring proof of entitlement on entry. It’s also 10 percent off tickets if you leave the car and take the bus.

Prices Adult: £21; child aged 3-16: £17; child aged 2 and under: free; 60 years and over: £18.50

Get there One hour 45 minute drive from central London


Howletts Wild Animal Park

Visit Howletts, Kent’s original wildlife park, it’s a unique adventure like no other! As they’re a conservation charity, your visit helps us to protect wildlife here in the UK, which then enables us to send animals back to the wild in conjunction with The Aspinall Foundation. With over 400 animals, including Kent’s only giant anteaters, the largest herd of African elephants in the UK, and more gorillas, tigers, leopards and monkeys than any zoo in the County, it’s a fun packed, wild day out for a great price!

Anything else I should know? There’s also a farm shop on site, where you can stock up on local eggs, bread and homemade jams.

Prices Adults: £18.35 online, £22.95 on the door; child aged 3-15: £15.95 online, 19.95 on the door; child aged 2 and under: free.

Get there One hour 45 minute drive from central London


Colchester Zoo

During your visit to Colchester Zoo, you will see many species from around the world and can learn more about them at our fantastic daily encounters, giving you the chance to see our animals being fed, watch a training session or perhaps just quiz their keepers!.

Anything else I should know?Guide dogs are allowed in certain areas, and the zoo also has a sensory exploration route with a map that can be downloaded from their website.   

Prices Adults: £20.30 advance, £23.99 on the door; child aged 3-15: £14.44 advance, £16.99 on the door; child aged 2 and under: free; 60 years and over: £18.69 advance, £21.99 on the door.

Get there One hour 45 minute drive from central London

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