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28 Nov

See where Churchill Smoked, Drank and Ran the Second World War

Winston Churchill, was a celebrated British politician, army officer, writer, and Prime Minister. One cannot think of WWII’s European theatre without the mention of his name. While often lauded by the public as a great communicator, Winston Churchill had a secret hidden beneath the streets of Westminster. The Churchill War Rooms, constructed hastily right before Britain’s entrance into the conflict, is an underground bunker where the prime minister famously declared “This the room from which  I will direct the war.” This is a great sight to see on a Westminster tour with one of our fun London tour guides! 

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Unlike the other bunkers used during the second world war, Churchill’s is surprisingly still intact, furnished just as it would have been in war time Britain, and opened to the public as a museum. At the Churchill War Rooms, you are invited to walk in the footsteps of Winston Churchill and his team of thinkers as they navigated an allied victory for  Europe. If you’d like to book a tour for this incredible sight, click here!

Churchill War Rooms

During the tour, movement is unrestricted within the museum and the tour is partially audio guided and partially independent. While wandering the dimly lit corridors, exploring the nearly 70 year old halls, be sure to pause at one of the many interactive galleries, the most informative being a 15 metre-long “Lifeline,” where you can see  Churchill’s life in chronological order. Because the tour is partially self guided, a visitor can explore and stop at will when something peaks their interest. Not a singular “room” but a series of chambers, you can stop and explore the Map Room, the Transatlantic Telephone Room, and various staff bedrooms including one belonging to Mrs. Churchill’s bedroom. Towards the back of the bunker lies a room with relics from the war like the telephone Winston churchill used to phone American President Roosevelt and the devices Churchill and his staff used to  record the now famous broadcasts to the British public informing and assuring them with news from the front.


Like it’s most iconic inhabitant, the museum has relics certain relics related to the prime minister, easily recognizable to young students and history buffs alike. See his ever present cigar, hats, and red siren suit as you walk the halls that he once walked.

In one of the most historically rich cities in Europe, the Churchill War rooms are a must stop for history buffs as you get to experience the stories of WWII not  simply in a museum, but in the exact place where it happened. Take one of our London walking tours today! 


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