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28 Feb

London Tourism: London Bridge

London Bridge is one of our favourite places to explore in the city. Offering such an eclectic mix of things to do, we’ve rounded up the top 10 things not to be missed. From hustle and bustle of Borough market to the magnificent Tower Bridge, we have your itinerary sorted to explore London Bridge in a day, the right way…

The Breakfast Club! 


To gear up for a whole day of sightseeing, start the morning with a hearty breakfast at The Breakfast Club (and no, we’re not talking about the film). This epic cafe chain, popular with bloggers, hipsters and those with a hearty appetite, is located approximately five minutes away from London Bridge station– and it’s all about the grub. Think pancakes, waffles, ice cream and traditional fry ups and more. It’s interior design takes you back to the days where American diners were a big thing – and the atmosphere of the cafe instantly brings a smile to your face. If you want to enjoy your eggs under a shiny pink ceiling, this is the place for you. Make sure you book yourself a table because this place can get very busy!


 All Aboard the Golden Hinde 

Whilst roaming around London Bridge, you need to check out The Golden Hinde. It’s a lifesize reconstruction of the ship once captained by explorer Sir Francis Drake who used to sail around the world during the 16th century. It sits on the River Thames, and you can simply admire this ship’s exterior for free, or, if you fancy exploring the inside of the ship for hidden gems and experience the life of Sir Francis Drake, you can book a guided tour where costumed actors take you back to the 16th century to learn all kinds of Tudor history. Very cool.


Visit beautiful Southwark Cathedral 

If you’re a fan of history and architecture, then you simply must pay a visit the Southwark Cathedral. It’s the oldest Cathedral church building in the whole of London, and it’s truly beautiful inside and out. Located right next to the Golden Hinde, Borough Market and The London Experience, Southwark Cathedral offers drop in tours every Friday at 11am and 1pm and every Sunday at 1pm for just £3. However, if you come on a day where the tours are not available, it’s possible for you to receive an informal tour from one of the cathedral guides.


Wander Borough Market 

Borough Market should definitely be on your bucket list. One of London’s most buzzing (and biggest) street markets situated four minutes walk from London Bridge station, is the perfect place to go if you fancy a bite to eat or something to drink.

The smell coming from this market will direct you to all the amazing stalls so let your nose lead the way. Walk around the different stalls and see what takes your fancy, from fresh locally grown fruit and veg, bakeries, fine wines, olives, bread, cheese and even spices from all over the world! Anything to satisfy your taste buds. The whole vibe here is buzzing as people walk and eat and drink at the same time.


Ice Cream

Open Monday to Saturday, this top quality gelato actually located in Borough Market  is something you don’t want to miss out on! We added it as a separate thing to do because it’s just so good! The soft, creamy Italian-style ice cream and frozen yoghurt is made in full public view with fresh ingredients locally sourced for an authentic touch. There is no way you will be able to resist the temptation of the wide selection of homemade ice creams. From hazelnuts from Piemonte to pistachio from Sicily, liquorice from Calabria and Pernigotti Cocoa ; indulge your taste buds on an icy Italian journey to ice cream paradise.


The London Bridge Experience 

Feeling brave? Don’t forget to  participate in the London Bridge Experience, one of the biggest tourist attractions in the area. Open everyday, learn more about London’s history with this guided tour of the past. Travel through time and meet Jack The Ripper or even participate in the Revolution. However, beware of the things that happen whilst you travel back in time. History can be gruesome. Still feeling brave even after hearing all about what happened in  London Bridge throughout the ages? Then I recommend carrying on the tour and exploring the London tombs, also known as the scariest attraction in London! Here, you will have to travel through the haunted maze where you will come face to face with some of the most terrific horrors you could possibly think of and even worse!

Not feeling so brave? Don’t worry some of us are just born chickens! Head to the Mug House just opposite the London Bridge Experience where you can enjoy some typical English Ale and relax whilst your family/friends are facing the terror of London Tombs.


The Shard 

The Shard is the tallest building in the UK, distinguished by its sharp triangular shape. This beautiful skyscraper is pretty impressive to look at from the ground up – and definitely worth taking a picture of! Like the look of it on the outside and fancy seeing the views from inside? Then you can book to go to the top of the Shard where you can see the best view of the whole of London, especially during the summer!


Grab a cocktail at Londons Rivera 

Come and visit this vibrant outdoor pop-up bar and street food location (right on the riverside)! Grab a sun lounge with your friends, enjoy the perfect view of the Thames and the Tower Bridge and tuck into a spicy plate of tacos with an exotic cocktail. If you’re into cocktails; craft beer; spicy Mexican dishes at Taco Revolution or even catching up with friends in a beautiful location, come and enjoy the London Riviera.

With a jam packed schedule of live music, free entertainment and TV on a big screen daily from 1 june – 31 August, there is no way you could miss such a fun and energetic time of year. Don’t miss out on the Wimbledon finals on 15 and 16 July showed all day; or the New Orleans Swamp Donkeys performing thursday 13 July from 7:30 pm.


Take in Tower Bridge 

One of London’s most famous bridges and a must-see landmark while you’re in the capital. Walk across Tower Bridge which is just a 9 minute walk from the London Riviera. This landmark, built between 1886 and 1894 is absolutely stunning. Whilst walking across this bridge, you’ll be able to see some of the other main landmarks such as the Shard and even the Gherkin.


A Burger at Belushi’s 

Last but definitely not least, after a long day of sightseeing, you’ve definitely worked up an appetite, am I right? Well, Belushi’s is the best place to come to  enjoy a tasty mouth watering burger. From classic burgers to some of Belushi’s specials, you can’t go wrong with a badass Belushi’s burger!



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